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Here we go again! An all new season of "Nick's Wild Ride - Presented by FRANCHI" Debuts next Monday, Sept 19 on Outdoor Channel!

Every year I travel the globe in search of interesting people, food, drink, music, history, and of course... wild game! I get asked all of the time: "How do you pick the places you go?" The answer: I just look at my bucket list!

I have an ever evolving list of places I want to go, species I want to hunt, and things I want to experience. My biggest fear is going to my grave not having checked them all off the list. But, the problem with that is that with every place I go and every awesome experience I have it leads to more ideas that get added to the list.

For example, when I went to Alaska for the first time on a caribou hunt I was just happy to experience "Alaska", in general. But, by the end of that trip I had already added several other parts of the state and even more species to my bucket list. Now, I've been there nearly half a dozen times, and you'll get to see one of those trips in Season 7.

The same goes for my love affair with Africa. I have been there several times but each time I'm there it is clear that I have only just scratched the surface of what the Dark Continent has to offer. So, with every trip I add more items to the list. You'l get to see some of that in this season, too.

Then, there are the places that I read about somewhere, or saw online, or heard about from a friend. Such is the case with my trip to California wine country to hunt my first ever blacktailed deer. I had a good friend who turned me on to that trip after I saw his posts online. You'll get to go on that ride with me in Season 7.

It still blows my mind that over 7 years of this journey that I call "Nick's Wild Ride" have come and gone. In that time I have gone on over 80 adventures all over world. EIGHTY! It truly has gone by in a flash and definitely doesn't feel like that many. When you see me on your TV you're looking at a guy that is truly living his wildest dreams out on camera. A guy who is systematically checking off his "bucket list". A guy who is, admittedly, one of the rare people who get to do what they love for a living. And a guy who DEFINITELY does not take it for granted.

So, I owe you all a huge thank you for the ride of a lifetime. Because, if it wasn't for you watching this "Wild Ride" I wouldn't be able to do what I do or check those items off my list.

Thank you for being a part of it all and for giving me a great life.

I hope you enjoy Season 7 as much as we enjoyed making it.




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