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I can't believe it's been another year and another season has come and gone. But, that's ok, because my favorite part of this crazy life I'm living is SHARING my adventures with you.

Season 8 of of Nick's Wild Ride premieres Monday, Sept 25th at 8:30PM/EST on Outdoor Channel! If you miss it, it'll re-air Saturdays, as well.

When I started filming Season 1 almost 9 years ago I never imagined it would turn in to the juggernaut that it has become or take me on the journey I've been on. It's taken me to every corner of the world on over 100+ hunts and adventures. I've visited 6 continents and traveled to more countries than I can count over 100's of thousands of miles. I've eaten things that I never would have tried otherwise (and some I'll never try again!) and met people that have become lifelong friends. I've nearly died a few times and also discovered things from inside myself, and my soul that I never knew I had in me.

All of this is thanks to YOU! If you didn't watch,

this crazy life I'm living wouldn't be possible.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a life better than I could've ever dreamed of. Thank you for joining me on my adventures.

I hope you enjoy Season 8 as much as I enjoyed making it.




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