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The 18th Annual Outdoor Sportsman Awards were announced January 9th via a LIVE Facebook presentation by the Outdoor Channel and Nick's Wild Ride was the WINNER of BEST CONSERVATION for it's episodes shot in Namibia, Africa which showcase the debate and quagmire of African game conservation and hunting.

Nick Hoffman, host and co-producer of Outdoor Channel's Nick's Wild Ride is proud of the award. "I have always been passionate about habitat and conservation as a whole. But, in the past few years, while filming Nick's Wild Ride, I've learned so much more about the issues that face not only hunting rights but also about the growing threat wild game face all around the world. Every place I go I see the habitat loss and I can feel the pressure from people who don't understand hunting -or are flat-out against it- growing every day," Hoffman says.

"It's an honor to be recognized for the episodes we did about my Africa journey. And, to be honest, the trip truly was life-changing," Hoffman says about his 2016 trip to Nambia, Africa. "But, to give a conservation award to one person doesn't do the entire cause justice. There are so many people and such amazing organizations like Safari Club International, Back Country Hunters and Anglers, Delta Waterfowl, Pheasants Forever, Grand Slam Club Ovis, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and so on that do so much for awareness, habitat and hunters rights. I'm proud to be a very small part of that conservation army."

Highly-rated Nick's Wild Ride, which is produced by Watermarc Productions and Ugly Duckling Entertainment, was nominated for 4 "Golden Moose" awards for Season 2 of Nick's Wild Ride: Best Overall Production, Best Big Game, Best Wingshooting, and Best Conservation. But Hoffman says he isn't disappointing about not winning in the other categories, "I'm the 'new guy' on the block when it comes to Outdoor TV. And, the awards we were nominated for are peer-voted. So, to be recognized by a group of people that I respect so much makes me so excited. It makes me feel like they maybe approve of what I'm doing. It sounds so cliche but I really am honored by it all."

Hoffman is currently filming Season 3 of Nick's Wild Ride which will begin airing in July of 2018. You can see re-airings of Season 2 Friday nights at 7:30PM/EST every week until then.

You can see the short-film "A Hunter's Moon - Nick's Wild Ride in Africa" HERE:

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